Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction


Has your sexual behaviour got out of control or starting to have negative consequences in your life? such as your finances, relationships, work or health? do you feel you are addicted to looking at porn? if the answers are yes, then counselling may help.

Reasons for coming for counselling:

  • Understand your own cycle of addiction
  • Advice on how to break the addiction
  • Understand the biological changes that happen to your brain while acting out
  • Understand what triggers your behaviour
  • Be given relapse prevention tools
  • Understand yourself better and the root cause of the addiction
  • Goal setting for your life
  • Form healthy habits and stop the destructive behaviour
  • Provide hope that you can stop acting out and be the person you want to be

If you are unsure if your sexual behaviour is an “addiction”, then the following resources may be useful :

Am I a sex addict?

Sex addiction test

Counselling for Partners:

It can feel like your world has ended when you find out your partner is addicted to looking at porn, or seeing a sex worker.  There is a level of trust that has been broken and you may feel you will never recover from the shock.   Reasons for coming for counselling:

  • Process the wide range of feelings following discovery
  • Safe, accepting and non-judgmental place to make decisions
  • Place to normalise what you are going through – you are not going mad
  • Practical advice on next steps for you
  • Enable you to ‘SURF’

Surviving the trauma of discovery
Understanding the cycle of reaction
Repairing self-identity and self-esteem
Facing the future

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” Jack Kornfield

I am also a full  member of Association for the treatment of sexual addiction and compulsivity (  I have completed Level 5 Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling at The Institute of Sex Addiction Training (  I am also an Associate Counsellor with the Laurel Centre.

I have personal experience of being addicted to pornography and the effects of pornography in a marriage.

If you are interested in having counselling, then please ring/text me on 07971 340184 or complete the form below.

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