With the death of three very close people in my life, I had become very angry over time and had started to ruin relationships with family members. Virginia helped me through the anger and come to realise that not everyone was against me. I never thought to myself that I needed therapy, until people from work and home told me to see someone. I’m glad I did, after several sessions with Virginia, I started to become relaxed and less angered and more liveable.

Male – 32

Virginia provides an excellent, trustworthy and compassionate counselling service. Before working together, I knew I needed help but didn’t know what to do. Our first meeting immediately put a lot of my fears about therapy to rest and our collaboration since has changed my life immeasurably. I now have the ability to control myself and understand how to avoid returning to negative behaviours. I wouldn’t change anything for where I am now and that improvement in my character began with Virginia.

Male – 43

As a member of clergy within the Anglican Church there are times when it isn’t possible to invest the time needed with members of the congregation where counselling is needed. The need to ‘refer on’ to someone who has the professional skills and training is a huge relief and Ginny one such person I am happy to refer people too, as she brings all the skills needed as an excellent counsellor.

Rev John Naudé, The Point Church, Burgess Hill

I attended counselling with Virginia after a very traumatic period in my life caused by an excessive addiction to Pornography. I was skeptical as to how counseling would benefit me. Virginia was very patient, and helped me over a number of sessions to understand the basis of my addiction, methods of handling it and avoiding the triggers. Counselling most certainly worked. Virginia was professional, confidential and comforting in the sessions. Virginia has most defiantly saved my marriage and I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing help.

Male – 62

I have been a client of Virginia’s for over two years now and I have to say that she, and her sessions with me, has been nothing short of outstanding. As a person who has severe trust issues, I can now say that I truly trust Virginia, and, to my surprise, it happened very quickly, (despite my best efforts to the contrary lol!). She is very professional and easy to talk to, and, equally important in my book, she is also a great listener. I can also say that she has been worth every penny, and more, over the past two years, (and as a Scotsman I care very deeply about my money!). She has become not only my therapist but my friend as well and I cannot stress enough when I say don’t hesitate to give her a try, believe me, you will NOT be disappointed!

Male – 66